Jewellers & Goldsmiths Tools 
 Delivered to Australia and N.Z only. 

Small enough to Care!

Reliable, quality Lost Wax Casting Machines 

Australian Distributor for America's BEST Casting Machine Producers.

Contact me if you require quality casting Machinery in Australia 



The latest Design, with Release Arm.

For better, denser castings. 

Very easy to use, very Safe to use and very low maintenance!

Centrifuges have been used for a long time and are the best way to achieve good quality Casting results in small to medium Jewellery Studios.

              With clever 

              Release Mechanism

$1,380.00 incl Gst 

With Accessories included

                                                       Delivered at your Door in Australia


3 in 1

Vacuum casting Machine

220 Volts

Strong Vacuum Motor

With Bell and Accessories

Proven and reliable Design

Use this Machine to evacuate 

your Flasks!

Eliminate those Air Bubbles....

You can also use it to do Vacuum casting, however I do recommend to 

Cast with the Centrifuge above 

and use the 3 in 1 Vacuum Machine only for the evacuation Process.

$3,980.00 incl Gst 

                                                       Delivered at your Door in Australia



Solid, cast Frame.

2 x heated Plates

220 Volts

Simple to use and designed to last.

Enquire for current Prices!


Wax Injector

220 Volts

With Pressure Gauge


bolts to your Bench.

With hand Pump

Can also be attached to your Compressor.

About 2,8 litres capacity.

Enquire for current Prices!

Delivered direct

to your Door!


Doing your own Castings 

gives you the extra Flexibility and full quality Control in order to deliver the best quality Jewellery 

to your Customers.

Casting your own Gold also 

saves you money as you 

do not have to pay 

the gold surcharges that 

the casting companies charge for their services....

It all adds up!

Making your own Rubber Moulds and doing your own castings 'In House' gives you Peace of Mind, knowing that 

no One will 'accidentally' 

copy your Designs...

Contact me if you have 

any Questions regarding setting up your own Casting Equipment.

Happy Gold and Silversmithing!