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Electroplating Equipment:


Electroplating - Rectifier 220 Volts
Provides any Voltage up to: 20 Volts
Provides any Amps up to:   25 Amps
Professional Machine for all your Electroplating Needs!
Electrocleaning, Rhodium Plating, Electroplating Gold
This machine powers any size plating-bath up to the bigger 5 liter Plating-Baths
It's a solid and pretty heavy professional machine...
                                                                            $465.00 including Gst   
                                                                                                 september 2015 Price

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With Christmas just around the Corner, Tools and Machinery make great Gifts for those involved in Jewellery making.

As a matter of Fact, many of us can be considered "Tools Addicts"

Give a parctical Gift this Christmas and make someone really happy!

1984 - 2016

Now celebrating 32 years of professional Jewellery design and manufacture

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  • "Hello Eckart. It's arrived!! I am very happy with these tools they will forever be very useful to me and hopefully make me lots of dollars!! That bit is up to me... You have be..."
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Full ' Money Back Guarantee ' if you are not happy with the Quality of my Tools!

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Latest News:

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Factory Direct Delivery!

Proves to save Money on Transport Costs.