Jewellers & Goldsmiths Tools 
 Delivered to Australia and N.Z only. 

Small enough to Care!

This Business is operated by Eckart Schillings. 

Jeweller and Diamond-setter based on the Sunshine Coast in Qld, Australia.

With over 38 years in the Trade I have seen many things come and go...

The Need to offer Jewellery Makers in Australia a Source 

for proven and well made Quality Machines is obvious.

The Market has changed over the years! 

Hardly any Production of Jewellers machinery is happening in Australia. 

The Market has been flooded with cheap Chinese Products at various levels of Quality.

Still there is the Need for good, reliable Machinery...  

Hence my Efforts in providing a number of proven, quality made 

professional Jewellers Machines.

Contact me if you are looking at improving your Workshop!

Happy Gold & Silversmithing!

Call or text:  0423 - 709799